About Us

What Do We Offer

The Flexion offers In-home physiotherapy services for patients that would prefer to receive care at their home or workplace. Our team of home care physiotherapists are hand-selected and have advanced training. The needs of our patients are our focus and we are dedicated to provide quality patient-centered services. We value your time; your therapy session is spent one-on-one with the therapist.  We pride ourselves on providing the most evidence based and effective treatment. Our quality of care reflects best practices.

“We help you return to the optimum level of your functioning.”

Why Choose Us

While your symptoms may be common, our treatment is unique. By understanding your physicality, goals and lifestyle, we guide you through a holistic and efficient course of treatment that will have positive and lasting effects. We not only address the issue at hand but also uncover lifestyle factors that prolong and aggravate your problem. In our experience, this carefully considered and individual approach to assessments and treatment programs results in better outcomes for your recovery.

“You hope, we heal.”


How We Can Help You?

Whether you have been injured playing sports, as the result of an accident or on the job through repetitive stress, or whether you’ve been diagnosed with a degenerative condition that causes you pain and dysfunction, or if you are in need of pre-operative or post-operative care, our expert physiotherapists will guide you on your road to recovery.

“Stay calm, trust your Physiotherapist.”

See the Difference

Elite quality treatment and our patient-focused care is the foundation of our physiotherapy and rehabilitation approach. While others may offer help in treating symptoms, we work to treat the root cause of your problem. We aim to exceed your expectations. We will not rest until we have gone the extra mile to meet all of your needs.

“Making you better is great, making you the best is genius.”

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