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In-Home Physiotherapy


The Flexion provides In-Home services for all the chronic disorders, acute illness, pre-operative & post-operative care. We serve in all the disciplines such as Geriatric, Orthopaedic, Neurologic, Paediatric, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary, Bariatric, Sports Injuries, Prenatal & Postnatal care etc., where applicable.

Tele Physiotherapy


The Flexion is the noble initiator to provide Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation services to treat COVID-19 patients virtually. This novel idea is helping many patients in recovering during this pandemic. Now, we are diverged and providing virtual treatment to all the conditions. Tele Physiotherapy is safe, affordable and effective.

Travel Physiotherapy


Travel physiotherapy is a unique concept which is suited for people who travel a lot. Often, a patient is asked not to travel because of the on-going treatment. But what if your treatment continues where ever you go. Either a therapist will travel along or will be arranged at your destination as per the need.

Bridge Physiotherapy


Not all conditions can be treated conservatively, few need surgical management as the last resort. In such cases, your therapist acts as a bridge from your pre-operative care to post-operative recovery. Therapist will get in touch with your doctors and surgeons along with you and we strongly believe this will help in bringing you back to the best version of you as soon as possible.

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